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Since 1997, Seafood Imports has been the leading importer and distributor of specialty seafood products with direct sourcing power in South Africa and Asia.

For almost 20 years, Seafood Imports has dedicated itself to providing the highest quality of products and services at competitive prices. Our exceptionally fresh seafood and ability to meet every customer's requirements, challenges and budgets are the cornerstone of our continued success in this highly competitive industry.

With representatives in Indonesia and the U.S.A., Seafood Imports is committed to the food service industry, nationally and internationally. Our multi-national capability, integrated communications and acclaimed suppliers, allow us to ensure a constant supply of the highest quality seafood. Our boutique size allows us to provide personal attention to the unique needs of our specialized clients, tastes and preferences.

As the experts in sashimi grade tuna, Seafood Imports proudly offers JAVA® and JAVA® Kosher—our private labels of superior sashimi grade tuna. Wild caught in the Indian Ocean of Indonesia, JAVA® and JAVA® Kosher are exclusively packaged for Seafood Imports and its US customers. In addition to our JAVA® sashimi tuna brand, Seafood Imports also offer Yellowtail Hamachi, Escolar, Snapper, Grouper, Black Butterfish and more.

Our certified plants and factories operate in strict accordance with national and international food safety guidelines.

Seafood Imports is guided by the core company values of customer success, integrity, innovation and teamwork. We are focused on exceeding your expectations and being the easiest company to do business with in the industry.